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Galena Body And Spirit
Spirit Investigations
Have you ever wondered
if you are living with 
a ghost or spirit? 


Mississippi Valley Paranormal can help!

We know how difficult it can be to talk about an unusual experience that does not seem to have a rational explanation. You worry that you will be met with skepticism or disbelief. Yet, strange things do happen to many of us, some of which can be explained as natural phenomena, some which may have a more paranormal cause.

The members of Mississippi Valley Paranormal have many years of experience with sites that are thought to be haunted.  MVP is dedicated to the study of the paranormal but our main goal is to help you understand what may be happening in your home or business.

Our investigations use both intuitive and scientific methods to confidentially investigate your home or business and give you a full report with our findings as well as strategies to help you feel more comfortable.

There is absolutely no charge for this service.


For more information or to schedule an investigation

contact Judith Norris or Kathy Gereau by phone or email below.

Angel and Spirit Guide Readings, Mediumship, Tarot Card Readings, Past Life Readings.

Judith Norris (815) 541-1736 : Kathy Gereau (815) 275-0851

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