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Angel and Spirit Guide Readings

Spirit Guides are human souls that have evolved to higher levels through many past incarnations. Guides understand what it is like to live on earth, so they understand what we are going through and give us more practical advise. Their purpose is to teach and guide us along our particular path. We usually have at least one guide that is with us our whole lifetime, and several others that are "specialists" here to help us with a project we are undertaking or a talent we are trying to develop. They are here for as long as we need them.

 Angels and Spirit Guides are always ready and waiting to help us on our journey through life. You have probably already felt their guidance in the form of dreams that give you insight into a problem, or a brilliant idea that suddenly pops into your head.As mediums, Kathy and Judith have been trained to perceive these wonderful beings, tell you about them, and relay their messages to you

Angel and Spirit Guide readings are

$65 for 30 minute reading, includes a cd recording of the session for a phone reading or a reading in our home
call Kathy at 1-815-275-0851 or Judith at 815-541-1736 to schedule an appointment

This service is also available for parties. Click Here to Contact Us

Angel and Spirit Guide Readings, Mediumship, Tarot Card Readings, Past Life Readings.

Judith Norris (815) 541-1736 : Kathy Gereau (815) 275-0851

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